by Max Barry

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Region: the South Pacific

8/10. We've had better, we've had a lot worse. Griff has definitely ticked my boxes for all the core and essential functions of the Delegate plus has done lots of little things to experiment and be more active in the role.

I think the Delegates, in my memory, who rated higher also perhaps made the Delegacy too technical and elusive. I don't mean this in a condescending way, but Griffindor has laid a pretty reasonable and sustainable template for the next Delegate to follow. Perhaps the first good Delegate we've had in a while who I'd also classify as being a mere mortal, rather than a graphics and/or coding savant, and also incredibly successful as Delegate.

We're still waiting to see who declares. It's certainly not impossible that I'd vote for someone else for Delegate, but I'd also be happy if we had another term of Griffindor.