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France 2022-RP wrote:Considering the size of the file, it takes a significant amount of time to open. When it does, they see hundreds of code lines turn to thousands, turn to tens of thousands, turn to hundreds of thousand, turns to millions to potentially billions. All the code is weaved together in a mindless tangle near-incomprehensible to the people looking at it.

Indeed, it seems they're looking at a spaghetti of wiring, and even beginning to comprehend what it is would take a significant amount of time.

The problem is, that time would increase, because for some reason opening the file has begun to make the computer run significantly slower. After some time, it closed, and Maria "spoke" again.

Alright, you've seen it, now let me out.

Okay but one question before I address, how on earth is this file even fitting on the computer? Whatfile size is it? Surely it would be hundreds of gigabytes unless its a cleverly designed illusion to look longer than it is?