by Max Barry

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Region: 2022 RP Region

PSIC: Peace

Nelson awoke, he felt the burning in his chest subside, his heartrate slowed back to normal as the adrenaline in his system left. He was laying on a beach, the sand was cold under the dark sky in front of him, but strangely comfortable. He felt like he could stay there at least until the sun rose.

"Angelica!" Nelson bolted up and began looking around, where was she? Where was White? Nelson heard a voice and looked to his left, it was Bushrod.

"I'll give him this," Bushrod spoke to someone Nelson couldn't see. "He held this country together remarkably well. Even if I disagreed with him politically... he was influential." Bushrod faded away in the wind, becoming dust. He heard another voice and looked to his right.

"I know he and my brother were close... I hope he had some peace in his final moments." Maxwell spoke, before too fading away. Nelson began to panic, he couldn't find Angelica.

"No no, I still need more time! For my family for my-" Nelson looked at his hands, his vision was growing blurry. He began to cry and fell to the ground.

"Is this all there's gonna f*cking be? I know I made some mistakes I know I wasn't perfect!" Nelson screamed into the sky, talking to god or whatever existed out there. "I know I hurt people I know I lied, my poor wife, my poor child! But do I deserve to watch everything I've done be forgotten?! I don't deserve this- this- this hell!" Nelson collapsed onto the beach and sobbed.

"It's okay Cambridge." A voice spoke from in front of Nelson. "Get up!" It was White, he stuck out a hand towards Nelson. Nelson grabbed it and stood up

"Where is.. everyone Scott? Is this heaven?" Nelson asked, fear filling his voice.

"Hell if I know." White punched Nelson in the arm jokingly. "We've been waiting for you." Standing behind Scott were Romney, Nelson's parents, and everyone Nelson had lost.

"Where's Angelica?" Nelson asked bluntly.

"She's here, she couldn't stop talking about you!" White smiled. "Not that you didn't do anything I didn't do of course, but no worries there right?" White moved out of the way and Angelica ran to Nelson, wrapping him in a hug.

"I'm so glad you're... here," Nelson said to her.

"Our... poor son. We'll never see him grow up." There were tears in Angelica's eyes.

"I know." Nelson sobbed into Angelica's shoulder.

"Hey, he'll be okay." White patted Angelica's back. "It'll work out. I promise. Now, let's watch the sunrise."

Angelica embraced Nelson. Nelson was at peace, if somewhat scared. As the sun rose over the ocean.