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Drystar wrote:Wow, you’re seriously blaming women for voter stupidity. I can see your future life proceeding poorly.

The Soccer Moms all voted for Joe Biden. Also, I knew a lady who voted for Obama over McCain because she didn't like the way McCain smiled, despite his years of heroic public service.

Drystar wrote:You do know the voting age used to be higher in the US, right? Also, if you’re using “mature” as a measurement, I would point out that before 25, insurance rates are high because of lack of experience and judgement.

And the drinking age was 18 in Louisiana until the Federal government threatened to withhold highway tax dollars unless the drinking age was changed.

New American Dictatorship wrote:Legal Drinking Age Debate Response
I believe that being able to vote and get a full drivers license at 18 is the right call, but I think also being able to drink at 18 would be dangerous *cough* drunk driving *cough*
If an earlier drinking age were to be employed, I think parents would pretty much have to introduce them to drinking in tiny portions at home

Exactly the way wine drinking is introduced in parts of Europe.

Emagination wrote:Living up to that nation name, aren't you?

We try our best! Anyway, it is well known that women often vote based upon feelings and impressions.

Corpoterra wrote:Over here in Germany we can officially drink at 14, and when you are 18yo you’re allowed to drink the heavy alcoholic drinks like Whisky or Vodka.

However you can sip some alcohol when you’re under 14.

Hell yea

The Germans are a very logical people.

Virifortis wrote:40°C... I will die

Turn off the inside hot-water heater. The water flowing through the hot ground outside will serve as the hot water, while the tank inside the air-conditioned house will serve as the supply of cold water.

Drystar wrote:All I can think of is the old SNL skits about Germans

Hans and Franz?

Swiss Cheese Wheel wrote:But that's not all. Somehow, it gets even worse.

See, the thing is, I'm in a study group, right?
I raised my hand in front of a group of people,
I was like "Oh, yeah, I know how to do this one,"
And I did the equation correctly,
But I stood up and said, with full confidence,

"So x has to be 24, because 4 x 12 is 24",
And I had the AUDACITY to say,
"I know this one, I'm very confident, if I get this wrong I'll eat my keyboard."

You were only half correct. 24 x 2

Nordheimrr wrote:
Atmosphere is essential to the development of fear in the reader. Use it well.

Below is a selection of music to listen to while you read my fact-books. I will add on to this as time moves on; and it is meant to be dark and rather depressing. Enjoy.

Read dispatch

Music to listen to whilst you read my lore. Hopefully you enjoy the very small playlist so far.

I still listen to Lake of fur's music for his Fur Box: