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Region: The Weimar Republic

Post by Rotfrontkampferbund suppressed by Red Squadron.


The Nazi Holy strauss also known as Koniggratzer once occupied The Weimar Republic on behalf of the Nazi region The Greater German Reich.

But then he left, and the region ceased to exist.

The Internationale was happy to leave it at that, but then Koniggratzer via a puppet spammed The Internationale's RMB, and then wished to advise us while spam telegramming that we should be more active, and we thought "You're right!"

So The Weimar Republic has been liberated from the Nazis and refounded, and will no longer be a place for Nazis to preach hate.

Thanks for the advice Koniggratzer! *Thumbs up*

Kind Regards,

The Internationale, 22/8/2011