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Region: The Free Nations Region

Republic of Aiyland wrote:Hi guys, Iím the Republic of Aiyland from Thaecia. Iím Vice Delegate there, and Iím currently looking to expand my experiences in other regions, in order to prepare me for a higher role.

Anyway Intelligence Newspaper has written another article about íslavery in Thaeciaí, this time condemning me because I work/run for another newspaper there.

I might take this to the Thaecian High Court if he has bad intents for this but I would like to get your opinion on it :)
The article is the latest dispatch he has written.

Iíve already asked this question in The Grey Wardens so Iím looking for more opinions on the situation.

Innocent until proven guilty. I'm personally hardly convinced it's anything other than slander without any hard evidence. Hopefully, your courts feel the same.