by Max Barry

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Region: The Free Nations Region

False. Not the latest.

We continued our investigation. Now we know, WHO BUYED SLAVES!
It was Trans-Continental Mining Corporation. In this article we will tell you, why is slave selling is ignored by Thaecian government.

The Republic of Aiyland, VICE-DELEGATE of Thaecia, is endorse Trans-Continental Mining Corporation! This fact is proof that Thaecian government turns a blind eye to slavery.
In title to our article we asked a question:

Who wants to know about slavery in Thaecia?

Let we give you it's reaction:
I donít
Iím a subscriber to the [censored], one of the best newspapers in NationStates! Become a subscriber today! First issue will be 29th May.

Let's think that second line is a joke. Look at first one: "I don't". That means that Republic of Aiyland doesn't give a damn about SLAVERY in Thaecia. If it was usual country of Thaecia, it will not be new. We all know that Thaecian countries are the most corrupted in the world, but it's VICE-DELEGATE of THAECIA! So, no wonder that slavery bloomed in THAECIA! We appeal to every nation of Thaecia to END the totalitarian nightmare in Thaecia, which masquerading as democracy. Let's look at Thaecian constitution another time:
The right to freedom of expression, opinion, and speech, insofar as this right is not exercised in a way that breaches NS rules;
The right to equal protection under the law;
The right to personal privacy;

Now Thaecian constitution is usually piece of paper that is dirty in BLOOD of innocent People Who have been made products to sell!


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