by Max Barry

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Region: The Free Nations Region


We, The Intelligence Newspaper writing the article with all journalistic honesty. We're sure in this fact: slave trading in Thaecia is exist! In the article we will proof it for YOU.

We have an intercepted message from largest private company in Thaecia. We'll not say the name because it will use corruption and lobbying to shut up us, but it's very easy to guess it. Let's see it:

Thank you for your offer. I agree. Introducing humans as workers through the purchase you suggested could have positive effects on our company. As a corporation, we are committed to maintaining a work hands and upholding the confidence of our investors and stakeholders. We appreciate your interest, and we believe it is in the best interest of our company to get more your workers on our factories.
Thank you for your offer.

We don't know, who was suggested this purchase, but we are know that 'tis message was sent to the Thaecian company. We tell you about one example of slave trading in Thaecia, but how many deals like this now are unknown. Let's read third and eleventh rights of Thaecian constitution:

3. the right to equal protection under the law;
11. The right to personal privacy;

If Thaecia will not take action, that is hypocrisy! HYPOCRISY!

We call the government of Thaecia to seriosly investigate the issue and be solidary with innocent and unfortunate people, who has been selled to cruel corporations by another cruel corporations.


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