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Region: Middle Earth

Minas Arnor wrote: I think that the harfoots are just forced on the audience, because I feel like every time there is a good story plot going on somewhere else, its suddenly switched to weird hobbit things, but my biggest concern is if they make meteor man be Gandalf, I think I can say most of us won't give a crap for the rest of the show if he is Gandalf.

Yeah I agree that they are forced, and if it is Gandalf then it will be even more forced. They essentially feel like their only purpose is to shout "hey remember the lord of the rings", and Gandalf would just make that worse. But I don't think it is Gandalf because meteor man gives off evil guy vibes. I've heard the theory on the webs that he is the balrog that was teased in one of the trailers, which would bug me less than Gandalf or Sauron, because it would just be silly, but it would continue the forced references to lotr.

I assume that the dagger is some sort of morgul blade, but I'm not sure why it has the map-of-mordor-mark on it if it was already in mordor. With that in mind, why would Sauron put the mark on Finrod's corpse?