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March of Maedhros wrote:If I may give my two cents here: after 4 episodes, the only things that are bringing me back (aside from a desire to watch something set in Middle Earth, which I will always do) are the mysterious identities of Halbrand, meteor man, and Adar. Otherwise the show is kind of meh, although very pretty. Numenor and Khazad-dum are great, the entirely new stuff with the Harfoots and in the Southlands is good/ok.

Galadriel is an idiot and I am unfathomably disappointed in their decision to make her so brash and childish. And the treatment of the other elves as well, like Elrond is doubtful and unconvincing bag of milk, Celebrimbor is having a mid-life crisis and just needs to buy a corvette or something, while Gil-galad is just some bland politician.

If meteor man is Sauron I will stop watching the show.


I agree with a lot of your comments, I love the look and tunes of Khazad-dum and Numenor and their respective storylines, but I hate Galadriel because I have never seen her as this trigger-happy I'll fight everything that comes at me sort-of attitude. I want to see more of Gil-Galad and Celemrimbor because they are the characters we haven't really seen in a Tolkien adaptation before now, and I just want more. I think that the harfoots are just forced on the audience, because I feel like every time there is a good story plot going on somewhere else, its suddenly switched to weird hobbit things, but my biggest concern is if they make meteor man be Gandalf, I think I can say most of us won't give a crap for the rest of the show if he is Gandalf. I like the southlands storylines and the mystery of Adar and this broken dagger (could it be some version of a mourgul blade?) and I think it can work out fine. I would give it a 7.5-8/10 right now, but I do feel like it gets slightly better after each episode.