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Region: The South Pacific Union Affairs Chat

Trivalve spu representative

  • Trivalve

  • Nivosea [colour=red]CTE'd[/colour]

  • Somurias [colour=gold][Commended][/colour]

  • Canadian Dominion

    [size=150]COUNCIL MEMBERS ARE:[/size]

    1. Trivalve: Leader

    2. MilkyWay Republic: Foreign Affairs Minister

    3. The republic of Konsa: Military Leader

    4. Canadian Dominion: Intelligence Minister

    5. Evinea: Propaganda Minister

    [size=150]OTHER MEMBERS ARE:[/size]

    1. Sir Zanny

    2. The free romanians [colour=gold][Commended][/colour]

    3. Altnavia Senator

    4. Paganan

    5. MilkyWay Republic

    6. Indrabad

    7. Nicholas and Great Britain Senator

    8. The King Isle

    9. Eroana

    10. Anilitty

    11. Sendikayastan

    12. Lebatrip

    13. Pagrosse

    14. Nomayuki

    15. Andrendia

    16. The Helleness

    17. Navarona

    18. Frenras Bri

    19. Vrigny

    20. Southern lmanburg

    21. A Place Somewhere

    22. Kingdom of dumas

    23. New Qafedemar

    24. Evinea

    25. Ikaranara

    26. Monaque

    27. Lokasla

    28. Uvalor

    29. Promised Islands

    30. Esterwood

    31. The republic of Konsa

    32. United Metal Empire

    33. Kingson Island

    34. Roslvika

    35. New Xartoia

    36. British Bharat

    37. South Pacifican Kilendjj

    38. Osire Eyertium

    39. Greater New Rhodesia and Nyasaland

  • Hello fellow SPU members and friends. After my term as DC is over, I will be leaving the TSP to work full time on my new program:
    The regional development program is program that is centred around supporting and building smaller regions so that they can thrive. All operations run will be done under my alt Sodium Hydride (will be run under Trivalve soon). It is my hope that I can support a wide variety of regions so that they have have a better chance to become highly developed regions.

    Embassies will be established between the developed region and the Regional Development Program HQ so if they have any questions after I leave for the next region, they can ask them at HQ

    Team leader:

    Team members:
    Lile Ulie Islands

    Main points of focus:

    • Creating a region welcome telegram

    • Creating some RMB rules

    • Forming a government (if there is not already one)

    • Recommending outside chats for government talk and RP such as Discord

    • Establishing embassies for influence

    Region under development:

    Regions that have been developed:

    Regions on hold:

    For security purposes, region names have been hidden.

    Read dispatch

    This means that I will have to stand down as leader and leave the SPU. The council members and I have come to the conclusion that the alliance will not survive this change due to Sir Zanny(who will also be leaving) being the maintenance nation. The region will not be able to function properly because of this. Therefore, we have decided that it is time for this alliance to finally reach it's end. I would like to thank you all for helping me build this alliance to what it became, RPing with you all has been amazing and I will deeply miss it. You have all done excellently and I am deeply sorry for all of this but I must move on to other things. I would suggest moving over to Evinea's alliance known as the TUP. Also, the name SPU is no longer copyrighted so if you want to rebuild this alliance you may do so if you wish. Thank you again and make sure that the legacy of this alliance is never forgotten. I will miss you all once I am gone.