by Max Barry

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Region: The High Court

Of Altonianic Islands v Toerana V
Crimes alleged & laws in violation:

The Thaecian Constitution, specifically Article 2 Section 1b, the right to freedom of association.
Describe the facts of the case as you hold them to be:

Toerana V, the Communications Minister, has banned me from participating in the Thaecian governmental media organization, the Thaecian Tribune, after a harmless joke. He has staunchly refused to let me back into the server despite numerous apologies and requests. Due to the Tribune's status as a media organization, my right to participate is explicitly recognized by the Thaecian constitution.

Here is the right in full: "The right to free association; this includes the right to form or join a political group or media organization."

Toeran V's actions are obviously illegal, and I request that the Court force him to allow me to participate.

I assume the primary defense against this would be that the Tribune is a product of the Thaecian government and isn't privately run, however the Constitution is extremely clear that all media organizations are affected. The Tribune, in my opinion, falls under that category.

I also acknowledge that there is an ongoing trial. I am unsure if the Court wishes to do these trials in tandem, or if I'll wait a few weeks. I'm fine with either option, but would prefer the quickest course of action.