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Silence fills the air today as it is National No Sound Day. This funny little holiday was made by Emperor Balt after a bad case of migraine clusters. It got so bad that he declared an executive order bringing National No Sound Day to the forefront. You are able to ignore pretty much whomever you'd like to (except for law enforcement and emergency crews) for an entire day. It is quite peaceful so most Franconians use this whacky holiday as a day of meditation due to the sounds of the rainforest around us. You are not required to work if scheduled on this holiday, so most stores usually shut down and don't respond or reopen to customers until a full 24 hours has passed. This will most likely be the only FENN broadcast for today so let's give you some more news...

Painfully Dim Future

ChipCo Electric released a line of light bulbs that you can dim from your smart device or wearable. The light settings are bright, electric, soft, and "painfully dim". The name for the dim lighting is because it reminds you of old fluorescent light from the early 2000s, but it is a smart LED light shaped like a CFL bulb. These bulbs are particularly cheap, just 6.99 Astrons for a pack of 4. ChipCo Electric says they will be selling these as well as 16 other series of lights. Will these be the future of lighting, or will profits turn out "painfully dim"?

Up, up, and Away

A satellite is being built to help the VA detect if there are any oncoming asteroids or falling space debris. The ESA (Emperial Space Agency) said that this will be the first of its kind warning system for the FE and is being built with help from ChipCo, who seems to want to dabble is space tech as well as partner with ESA. The ESA has agreed to let people view the building process via live stream on their website and is asking other VA nations to join in on cleaning up the low orbit of Vesta. We don't need another Telecommunications satellite to impact us.

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