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Region: The Social Liberal Union

Courelli wrote:All nations should be aware that roleplay in the Social Liberal Union does not take place on Earth, nor does it feature real countries from Earth. Instead, SLU roleplay takes place in a custom setting developed by our member nations over the past several years: the planet Miyana, a fictional planet containing the nations of the SLU, completely divorced from the history or current events of the real world.

Read more about Miyana (and the rest of our roleplay setting) here:

As such, roleplay that references any real-world nation, event, scenario, or person (for instance, the Ukraine war, Vladimir Putin, Turkmenistan, the Roman Empire, etc.) is considered irrelevant, extraneous, and non-canon. If you would like to participate in the SLU roleplay, and would like for the SLU roleplay community to engage with your posts, please endeavor to engage with the setting which the community has created. If you are dead-set on using Earth and real-world events as a setting for your roleplay, perhaps there are other regions which could better cater to those desires.

Furthermore, all nations are reminded that the use of puppet nations that is, more than one NationStates nation account controlled by the same person is discouraged on the SLU regional message board, both in RP and all other circumstances. Those who intentionally use puppet nations to respond to their own posts and fabricate engagement risk running afoul of both SLU and NationStates rules regarding message board spam.

Thank you all for understanding.

Thank you for informing us. I'll keep you informed. The rest of the countries are invited to delete all previously messages related to Turkmenistan, in order to avoid violating the rules SLU, i already did that.
I also have a small question, why did you withdraw your approval regarding our country? I don't understand what this action means.