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Region: Refugia

Alae Aej + Maple Aej

"Alae and Maple, your dragon fruit taste was exotic and surprisingly sweet. Your decoration was simple but the theming felt on point. Not all the judges felt the same about the dish but they scored it 8,7,9 for decoration and 7,9,9 for taste, ending with a final score of 49. This was personally my favourite tasting cake."

Franklin Lamar + Michele Hummingway

Decoration: 7,8,8
Total: 7,8,7
Total: 45

Tofi Osgoditir

"Tofi, your presentation of two cakes was a pleasant surprise and they each tastes delightful, especially when mixed together but the tropical flavours seemed to negatively clash with the carrot. The decoration on your baked Alaska was stellar, but the decoration on the carrot cake filled kind of rushed. Both of your scores were worth 24 points, decoration being 9,8,7 and taste being 7,8,9 for a grand total of 48!"

Sheila Agustus Shelby

Decoration: 7,8,7
Taste: 7,8,8
Total: 47
However, with your advantage, your scored was boosted to 49.

Niamh Dunn

Decoration: Unanimous 8
Taste: 9,7,7
Total: 47

Violet Toro + Jerry and Barry Ooglethworp

"Violet, your raspberry cheesecake was exquisite and sweet in all the perfect ways but it just wasn't quite set. The decoration was cute and the berries swimming in the cake was a cute and pleasant addition. Your decoration was scored 7,9,7 and your taste was scored 10,7,9, the only 10 given, and the final standings of 49."

Freja Vedbend

"Freja, your strawberry cheesecake ice-cream bar was a hit for the judges and the decorations tasted great too. When they got sprayed with water, they surely felt that feeling of surfing. However, your decoration wasn't the best and some pieces were poorly executed compared to others. Your score came back in decoration as an 8,7,8 in decoration and 9,9,7 in taste, a total of 48."

"And the winners of the competition are..." Fennex's assistant whispers into his ear. "Oh, this has never happened before. There is a three way tie. The score 49 was given to Aephony, Polushia, and Nydelig. The judges have decided to judge who should be the winner of the competition. Kyle has casted his vote for... AEPHONY! Connyr has casted his vote for... NYDELIG! And finally, Coopyr has casted his vote for the winner of the competition...

Alae and Maple Aej of Aephony! Congratulations to you two, and of course, to all the bakers here. A telegram will be sent shortly to Aephony for their reward. Thank you so much for participating in the competition. We hope to see some more valiant bakers soon enough. See you all next time on the FCBC!"