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Region: Selene

Mydic Chronicle

Antiquities Secretary, Jaina Jessero today unveiled that the Imperial Oceanographic Society (IOS) recently uncovered the lost wreck of the Salt Queen. The vessel was a 110 gun galleon lost during the Battle of Barbaro. The Salt Queen was the flagship of the Pirate Republic, a small one off republic established in the Paxus archipelago in the 1680s and would technically exist in one form or another until 1755 when the Battle of Barbaro would end the Republic and seal the fate of the Salt Queen. Piracy was rampant in the Paxus Archipelago as well as the Thalassic Sea between 1400 - 1800 due in part to the fractured nature of the political situation in which pirates would be hired as mercenaries in times of conflict between the various powers that existed at the time.

The vessel having finally been located will be marked as a resting place not to be disturbed by divers or further submersibles. The wreck was said to be most scatter across the sea floor in an area encompassing ten square miles. A handful of artifacts were taken and will be sent to the Imperial Museum in Mydare for a display period of five years as well as being considered for restorative work.