by Max Barry

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Region: The High Court

This case has been accepted by the High Court of Thaecia. The pre-trial phase begins now.

Reminder: When the pre-trial phase begins, the region of Thaecia and the defendant have 24 hours to declare their legal counsel of the regional message board of the High Court. Legal counsel must be approved and registered members of the Thaecian Bar Association. The default counsel for the region of Thaecia, henceforth referred to as the plaintiff, is the Minister of Justice, but they may appoint a registered member of the Thaecian Bar Association to prosecute in their stead. If the defendant chooses to defend themselves, they do not need to be a registered member of the Thaecian Bar Association.

If the filing party would like to appoint an alternate prosecution please also indicate that within the next 24 hours.