by Max Barry

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Region: Selene


A serial arsonist is on the loose right now. Police and the FEBI are looking for 19 year old Playton Lund. Lund is in trouble with the law after setting intentional fires around Louiston, Golden Cliffs. The 19 year old used fireworks to set the fires. Police say the teen was last seen in the city of Wyat, Opal. Wyat Police Department are actively searching for him, even going as far as closing National HSR trains to search if Lund is on trains. He first attacked Louiston Towne Hall, setting the northeast corner ablaze with dry weeds and a firework. His second target was an old pizza shop he used to work at before he got fired for stealing 3,000 Astrons from the safe. Lund is said to be armed and dangerous. FEBI has a 50,000 Astrons bounty on this young man and is asking for people to turn him in alive. Once captured, he will be sent to Federal Prison, where he can rehabilitate and learn why it isn't okay to set fire to buildings out of revenge or pleasure. With damages, he is looking at a 410,000 Astrons fine pluse 25 years in Federal Prison. Luckily, nobody was injured. If you see this man, please call your local police or the FEBI...