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Region: Keteria

Last message from the former ruler:
Amayama Taniyoshi: "There's no way humanity is gonna continue a war like this, and even if Nousagian Embassies allowed us a chance to let our military stand down until a new leader shows up, our enemies aren't going to accept it that lightly, as they'll continue to glass this planet until every single one of us is dead, even the marine and land animals, too. They don't care what really happens to this planet once we toe the line, for all that really matters is death, for the causes that aren't completely true."
Karola: "I'm sorry, Amayama, but you're out of here. Return home and don't even try coming to office ever again. We'll have a new Prime Minister who will either accept diplomacy or make things even worse in your own footsteps."
Amayama Taniyoshi: "You know that I'm a half-human, half-Kucrian. Why would someone all of a sudden came up and decided to make us withdraw? Rucia is the seventh and LAST, Karola! There's still one relic out there on this world that is related to religion."
Karola: "Amayama, for your immediate kicking out of your highest position, all of your laws and those of the previous administration are null and void. Do you want the KP-13 to make this resisting?"
Amayama Taniyoshi: "No, ma'am."
Karola: "We'll make an announcement saying that you're no longer considered fit for leading. Parliament will choose its new leader by sortition at noon today. For now, I shall rest here in the bunker."