by Max Barry

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Region: Coldonia

The Eastern Isles still see no peace...

After the Liberation War and the brutal insurgencies, the citizens of the eatern isles of Astoniland are yet to see peace. Due to the economic troubles of the country, the drug cartels gained a lot of influence. However, several attacks have occurred against suspected cartels members and their drug labs. In the latest one, a rigged car bomb was used to detonate near a safehouse believed to belong to one of the cartels, killing 9 people and injuring another 15. As stated previously, Ueshidese officials are almost certain that the Yakuza are behind, but have avoided stating so publicly. The notorious group is also believed responsible for the mysterious death of one politician, who was believed to have ties with them. Because of this war between crime syndicates, violence erupted, and plenty of drugs have been smuggled out of the islands by the Yakuza members, including cocaine, which is the favorite drug of the elites in northern countries of Coldonia. Moreover, the Eastern Isles are also in the middle of a kidnapping epidemic. In the past few months, over 200 young females have been declared missing by the local police force. Several sources claim that some of the young girls have been spotted in several brothels and gentleman clubs in Ueshido, working as prostitutes. Several Astonilandian officials claim that the Yakuza is steadily spreading their influence over the drug producing in the eastern isles, some even saying that the Ueshidese Intelligence Agency and other security organizations are helping them carry out their plans. Those claims have been dismissed by our officials, and we are ready to make efforts in order to help the local Astonilandian police force keep the influence of the organized crime groups in check, by offering money for equipment and proper training.

Aishu puts a cigarette between his lips and lights it. A knock comes from the other side of the office’s door.

Aishu (takes a drag and quickly puffs out the smoke): Come in!

A very short man walks in and takes a seat next to Aishu.

Man: Jeffrey Epstein called.

Aishu: Who?

Man: A cartel leader. From...Op.

Aishu (takes another drag and nods): Ah, yes. Tell him I am looking forward to meeting him. I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.