by Max Barry

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Region: Coldonia

The betrayal.
Nuwe Astoniland had come seeking peace from war but what they got was a stab in the back from the tribes, and they had to fight once again. The people pushing into the garrisons fought until the last man used quickly built defenses, but if the battle looked too grim, they retreated to spread the word, so the rest didn't suffer the same faith as their positions.

The Volksimpetum was also mobilized, a paramilitary unit composed of people who would serve on the actual defense forces if it weren't for minor sicknesses such as diabetes or being too young/underweight to serve, they were still armed with simple weaponry manufactured by local gunsmiths (VG. 1-5, Sten guns, M77, and Molotovs.), being mainly used to defend the backlines set up defenses and other minor things but very much still able to fight.

The main army was also fully mobilized, with many now 40yo veterans going back into the fight they wished to escape. While they weren't like the Deskh or Gladian (Olivedrabian) armies, they were still very much experienced and willing to fight to defend their new homeland, with even better armament (.303 Bren gun, SLR L1A1, UZI, MG42, STG46). Still, they lacked proper artillery, mostly sticking to mortars and grenades. They were also trained for a scenario like this back when they first landed in the area.

Oh, please follow us!
As the news reached the train station near the border with the fleeing surviving men running away, the local Volksimpetum got to work destroying the railways preparing an explosive surprise for them, along with setting up small MG nests along with sending messages on motorcycles to inform the rest of the country in case the communications collapsed. With the enemy troops finally arriving behind the last fleeing men who didn't make it against the stamped of enemy troops who were caught with their pants down by the MG fire mowing many down, it seemed like it was going to be a clear victory until the train came shattering the lines of the army with its heavy fire, but the dynamite cleaned that with a push of a button with the railway exploding along with some of the back wagons of the train.

That didn't mean the army was doing well instead. Instead, they were fleeing in a makeshift bridge from the incoming troops. Many men did make it through, but some stayed behind to cover the retreat using the same tactic, but on the bridge blowing it up as the enemy army was crossing. In the end, neither side had looked like they had won with Nuwe Astoniland defenses shattered in the train station, heavy losses for both sides, and the destruction of one of the main border railways.

Winner: Undecided.
Loses Train station 204.
1 Armored train
1,330 Czechoslovistan troopers (80 were fleeing civilians.)
1,280 Nuwe Astoniland troops (Volk and local garrison)

Result: Nuwe Astoniland delays the take over of the railway and begins proper defensive actions. Loses the outskirts and the Nuwe-Czechoslovistan war stars.

Nearest city: Itum. (10,234 Citizens.)