by Max Barry

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Region: Coldonia

"Stand tall and march on. Respect your blood as you respect the enemies blood. What is our blood you asked? Our blood is the word of our parents, our chieftain, our medicine women, calling for us to slay, and to spread, and to seize what is ours. If they saw us now, sitting around, like fat cats, selling land to measly drug rats, what would they say? They would call us dirty
hnilobné červy. They would spit on us, and beat us, as one does to any disobedient child. So then, let us beat our disobedient child, and take back what is ours." Glorious words spoken by the even more glorious Arch General Čtyřicátýdevátý Vlk.

The context? Čtyřicátýdevátý Vlk was calling to his men, for the seizure of Nuwe Astoniland. After watching, carefully and cautiously, their nation fall to the drug rats of the Cartel, decided to take action. This action? Sending soldiers in by train and plane to take control of Nuwe Astoniland, ousting whatever weak government they may have, seizing control of their resources and factories, and removing their toll stations, even forcing them to pay Czechoslovistan tax.

How did they go about this? As said they sent in men by train and plane, specifically some of their five best National Guard Companies, formed of conscripted War Tribe soldiers, and expertly trained Capital Strategists. With this, the 5 Companies surrounded and pierced Nuwe Astoniland, with zero before hand warning, shouting out with megaphones "Put down your weapons, or put down your life. We have come to reclaim our land." What choice will the Nuwe Astonilands make? We will see, but god knows their homeland wont be sending them any useful help.