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Region: The House of Commons

New ikesandria wrote:To the candidates, what specific bills on the docket will you be prioritizing? What policy changes are you interested in seeing/bringing to the House/Thaecia?

I have mostly answered this already in my above response to Cerdenia so I will just simplify it a bit.

The first priority is Marco's confirmation in order to ensure the court can continue to function.
The second priority will be the Electoral Commission reform act, which has not been completed.
Otherwise the priority will be the Congressional Investigation and Accountability Act in order to give Congress some teeth that it has been claiming it has for years but has never actually used, like a dull blade in butter.

The changes we need to the House is to increase our speed and efficiency.
I want to use the best time of bills possible, which for me will be about 36 hours. The minimum is 12 hours, but I think that's frankly ridiculous.
Catching up on lost time is the problem this term and future terms will have to face, it is the responsibility of all MPs and a very good Speaker to step up and minimise Ashlawn's damage, whether he did it directly or indirectly.

Considering my past experience in the Senate I know it makes me the best candidate for the job at this time.