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Region: The House of Commons

Cerdenia wrote:so what are y'alls agenda if elected?

I don’t plan on pushing a certain agenda while speaker. There’s a few things that need to be done as soon as the speaker election is done, namely Marco’s appointment to the high court. After the like two or three things I consider high priority we’ll be doing a bit of catching up to the senate before we see anything new.

Sunipi wrote:How efficient are you planning for the House to be this term?

Efficient as we can, I’m not the type of person to wait for inactive MPs to vote before ending a vote. I plan on not letting any vote period last longer than two days, same with debate. (except when debate needs the extra time.)
Ideally we’d keep to the constitutional minimum of 36 hours per bill, but realistically that will happen only a couple of times. I plan for 48 hours per bill, hopefully we get to keep to that plan.