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Region: The House of Commons

Cerdenia wrote:so what are y'alls agenda if elected?

The first thing we will be doing is the reconfirmation of The Marconian State as Justice.
The ability of the Court to run smoothly is vital, especially as the Court is currently unable to accept the case as they say they are in a "split 1-1 decision". The ability for our Judiciary to run smoothly is vital to the region's function. I'd also like to look at any sort of Judicial reform as something we should be looking at later in term, if only to avoid this scenario again.

Afterwards I'd like to look at the Congressional Investigation and Accountability Act to provide much needed updates to our Congressional Investigations Act, which has never been used, in part due to it being rather poor. Hopefully with this new Act, we will be able to actually have Congress hold other branches of Government accountable instead of us simply threatening to do something then never doing it, which is unfortunately a recurring theme for the last three years in the region.

However I will be putting the Electoral Commission reform bill up as soon as it is available [after Marco, of course] because of the state of the last election. I welcome bills that reform the EC Act we have now, and I feel that whatever we go with, public elections, reforms staying in line with the status quo, or otherwise, must be debated as soon as we can. I have also heard that the bill will be bipartisan as well, and a big theme I have is putting up bills that are wanted. I don't feel that the Speaker should single handedly refuse to put up a bill that basically everyone else wants and force everyone to sponsor it- just a loser move imo. Provided the bill is well written I will be putting that up soon.

I would also like to pass the Law Registry Act reforms I proposed some terms ago, in order to clean up the LR as it is currently littered by one-time bills or repealed bills. Said bill would simply put them in a separate dispatch so we have them for history sake & we can make the current law easily viewable and accessable without confusing people, especially as the BB Code on LR 001 to LR 020's page especially is horrid right now (partially my fault; but the main issue lies in the repealed bills- they cause havoc because of some weird stuff with the striking on that page. The bill would resolve this).

Otherwise generally just whatever is best written, best needed, and best supported. No point in me putting up a bill that only I support. Generally, the agenda will be as above plus a healthy degree of common sense.

Sunipi wrote:How efficient are you planning for the House to be this term?

It is hard to properly answer this question, because no candidate is able to really give an answer other than "100%".

However I feel that it is important to say we have to be 110% efficient this term as we have already lost ten days. At top speed no debating, that's three bills- which is a lot.
At the same time it is important we don't sacrifice our debating and looking over laws in order to achieve a "we passed 10 laws"- but they're all rubbish.

As such as Speaker I will be pushing for everyone to input their thoughts on bills, both publicly and privately, so we can get a good overlook of bills and have efficiency. Despite the challenges this term is posed with, I'm confident we can put it down in history together as one of the best House terms.