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Region: The House of Commons


Discussion & Statements Period for Speaker Election


With the completion of 24 hours since the beginning of the Candidacy Declaration Period, that period has elapsed.

As of the end of the Candidacy Declaration Period, the two MPs who have stepped forward with a bid for Speaker are;

MPs, if you would like to make statements or pose questions regarding the candidates or otherwise, do so now.

Brototh (IND)
Marvinville (FREE)
Cerdenia (FREE)
Santa Marana (FREE)
New ikesandria (CTC)
Of Altonianic Islands (CTC)
Dendrobium (SOL)
Snalland (RPT)
Sunipi (TGP)
Huago (TGP)
Solittus (TGP)

- Taungu
Acting Electoral Commissioner of Thaecia