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Region: The House of Commons


Inauguration of the House of Commons


With the conclusion of the January 2022 Midterm Election (II), the following individuals, consisting of the winning candidates of the midterm election are hereby formally inaugurated into office.

Marvinville (FREE)
Cerdenia (FREE)
Santa Marana (FREE)
Brototh (IND)
New ikesandria (CTC)
Of Altonianic Islands (CTC)
Dendrobium (SOL)
Snalland (RPT)
Sunipi (TGP)
Huago (TGP)
Solittus (TGP)

Congratulations on your victories and here's to your coming term o/


Candidacy Declarations for Speaker of the House


Now that each of the MPs-elect inaugurated into office, before business can resume in the House, a Speaker for this House of Commons term must be chosen.

If you would like to run in the Speaker election, please announce your candidacy for Speaker here on the RMB.

This period shall end when either all MPs have informed me of their intent/non-intent to run for Speaker or until 24 hours have elapsed from the posting of this candidacy declaration period, whichever happens first.

MPs, if you wish to run for the position of Speaker, declare your candidacy now.

[nation]Brototh[/nation] (IND)
[nation]Marvinville[/nation] (FREE)
[nation]Cerdenia[/nation] (FREE)
[nation]Santa Marana[/nation] (FREE)
[nation]New Ikesandria[/nation] (CTC)
[nation]Of Altonianic Islands[/nation] (CTC)
[nation]Dendrobium[/nation] (SOL)
[nation]Snalland[/nation] (RPT)
[nation]Sunipi[/nation] (TGP)
[nation]Huago[/nation] (TGP)
[nation]Solittus[/nation] (TGP)

- Taungu
Acting Electoral Commissioner of Thaecia