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Region: Odrya

Marxiaville wrote:Well, none of them had to do much

I have lol

Planet rucia wrote:Tanigawa Shoyo, Keterian Customs Space Station Commissioner: "We'll give Him seven days to respond to our offers and demands. It'll be helpful to speed up the response time by sending an emissary from this region over, as if I were to go to the temple myself, I would get myself killed by the bloodthirsty, inquisitive gaming zealots."

"I think there may be another way to this. Try sending your countryball, maybe we'll try to send our Ru-Wan-Jin over and have a little comedy there to get Him in a funny mood."

Dude temple prime isnít even an operational region, Sarawak is quitting when season 3 comes out. I know for a fact they havenít threatened voclasia, as itís one of their allies. Ik you may be doing it for rp purposes but if youíre not, here.

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