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Region: Odrya

Planet rucia wrote:Tanigawa Shoyo, Keterian Customs Space Station Commissioner: "Glassing refers to leveling the surface without actually destroying a world, meaning a military force arming with low-powered lasers to strike down flat on the ground with microwave radiation. Even if He doesn't intend to do that as you say, we still find His actions completely abominable. The R.I.S.E. is an acronym of the full name: Rucian Interstellar Space Enforcement, with the goal of protecting the multiverse from threats like 🅶🅾🅳. We don't care if He's doing it just so He can bring Colin back and then what next, be attacked on a grand scale? That is what our Prime Minister would find out if He refound Voclazia and witnessed Colin's resurrection, then the R.I.S.E.'s KP-13 will respond under a Code Red activation, since normal troops can't simply go and defend, as they're only regional security, the KP-13 is the elite force responding to extreme situations anywhere in the multiverse only through the Prime Minister's authorization."

"We're trying our best to slow him down with sanctions, as refounding regions for oneself is a no-no, and He needs to go. In fact, we can list some offers and demands that we can get to bring Him to talk and stand down, so that Amayama don't have to keep militarizing our forces anymore:

Our offers:

1. Allow freedom of movement through all regions refounded by 🅶🅾🅳. (removing password protections)
2. Allow religious tolerance.
3. Allow free trade between all refounded regions and Temple Prime.
4. Allow free communications of all forms with all refounded regions and Temple Prime.

Our demands:

1. Remove all offensive vocabulary from all refounded regions' entries.
2. Remove all offensive dispatches and factbooks from all refounded regions' entries.
3. Remove all offensive dispatches and factbooks.
4. Destroy all illegal religious works under the K.O.R.E.A. act.
5. Allow Colin advance wars and any other puppets sharing that name to remain ceased to exist, so as to prevent further escalation.
6. A change in the government for a better voice in regional affairs.
7. Do not attack Planet rucia whatsoever.

"If all these offers and demands are accepted, then all diplomatic sanctions on 🅶🅾🅳 will be removed once every single one of these refounded regions' are returned to normal again. This is our last chance at redemption and avert further escalation."

So what will you do if he rejects all the requests?

Nalver And and Planet rucia