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Region: Selene


The Empress released a public statement addressing rumors of "training" Vice Empress McClanahan for a potential bid on the FE2424 (SY2024) Emperial Election. The Empress said "Why would I break a law in the nation I run? That would cause international conflict and loss of trust in the nations electoral system, which we have seen with Emperor Alex and Dictator Greene. Vice Empress McClanahan and I have been close political partners and good friends since the beginning. I understand the concern because the Vice Leader is usually never seen with the HOS because they oversee international issues. The FE has not seen many issues outside of the mainland as of recent so the Vice Empress has had no choice but to help with political and internal issues the Empire has dealt with in the last two years."

Vice Empress McClanahan has been helping with the rearranging of the 4 nationwide megaprojects and the replanning of Central Capital, the new proposed center of San Juarez that will house the new Executive Mansion and the new building that will house both Parliament and the House of Representatives.

-FENN News.