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Region: Thaecia

Sma Cyrillic wrote:I am honored to be nominated. I don't expect to be given it, as I don't believe I've reached such the high bar of beingin the Order of Thaecia, but that is for the President to decide, and not me

Of Altonianic Islands add humility to the list just to mess with them

No, but seriously, Shadow, you shy away from recognition like this, but you are a paragon of all the virtues anyone could ask for in a NationStates politician. You are honest, loyal, dedicated, active, intelligent, adaptable, and hard-working. I see you as something of a mirror of myself, because of how we both work in both TEP and one of TEP's favorite UCRs, we both work in the judiciary in our two regions, we both rose pretty quickly, and we both do roleplay, but the truth is, in trying to balance this, I failed, and you thrived. You have rose above your peers and distinguished yourself so much. You absolutely deserve this. If we have seen that, I have no doubt Andy will, too.

I'd post this on my Justizpalast account but I'm too lazy to switch.

West hanko