by Max Barry

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Region: the West Pacific

Also, it is time for another announcement of the The West Pacific Card Club! As the year of 2021 comes to a close, we also award the last Punday Monday awards for this year. Four puns were chosen by our delegate Dilber during December, so here are the respective legendary cards:

December 6th: Ventel Season 2 Siwale
December 13th: Diaboland Season 2 Sierra Lyricalia
December 20th: Outer Scotiotland Season 2 Kandarin
December 27th: Westwind Season 2 Free Socialism

Note: Diaboland & Outer Scotiotland both have no capacity in their decks, so please let me know when you've cleared some space or created another nation to receive the card.

The Big Book of Puns has also been updated, of course. That's all for today, though stay tuned for future announcements of the Card Club!