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Region: the West Pacific

Good evening! Here are another two announcements during our final week of Midwinter Shenanigans:

Holiday Playlist After four Karaoke Fridays in December and multiple posts by residents of the West and visitors alike, submissions for our Holiday Playlist have finally been gathered! This Dispatch contains an index of all Christmas songs shared in the RMB this month, sorted by alphabetical order, and has been designed to be updated every year during future Midwinter Shenanigans. Whether it is one's most favorite or least favorite Christmas song, you can find it here if it was posted this month on the RMB.

Collection Contest Prizes Earlier this month, the Card Club announced the Christmas Card Collection Contest as part of the regional Midwinter Shenanigans, which lasted from the start of the month until Christmas Eve. Four players decided to enter, and their collections were judged by Fhaengshia, Fuentana and Giovanniland.

Wauwa and Ventel, both newer players to the scene of the West Pacific, decided to enter the contest and collect Christmas cards, and their participation is well appreciated. Mediobogdum, a known resident and card collector, submitted an existing collection and greatly increased its size throughout the month, arriving at a total of almost a hundred themed cards. Last but not least, Nagaraningrad participated with a creative entry: at first sight their collection may not seem Christmas-themed, but if you zoom out and your monitor allows, you will see a beautiful design of cards forming a Christmas tree; their addition of several TWP cards and a legendary on top of the tree being the cherry on the cake.

Therefore, here are the results! The Card Club also appreciated the high turnout, so in the Christmas spirit, all nations have received a Legendary Card:

4th: Wauwa Santa is definitely real, who's asking? Season 2 Artoonia
3rd: Ventel Christmas Season 2 Blogotopia
2nd: Mediobogdum Santa's Christmas Memories Season 2 Reploid Productions
1st: Nagaraningrad Nagaraningrad's Selection Collection Season 2 Altmer Dominion

That is all for today's announcement! Stay tuned for Punday Monday awards very soon.