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Region: Selene

Breaking: The Vice Empress has announced that she may run for Empress in FEY2424. Speculation seems to be on how active she is in major roles and issues of the Empire at the moment. Crunching numbers, reciting law in Parliament, rearranging major projects... And the Empress seems to be coaching her...

(The Empress): "Nothing is to worry about. My only question is when they see me and the Vice Empress, how come everyone thinks I'm going to commit treason and just appoint her as Empress? Legally, I cannot do that. No Leader is above law."

Obviously the Empress' intentions are there, but it makes it look bad on her and the Vice Empress always together in the same room. It has always looked that way in Franconian Politics. Here is First Gentleman Lars accompanied by Emperor Franco IV, then Lars abruptly leaves and is never to be seen, even in the audience.

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