by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Breaking: Vice Empress McClanahan was at a campaign event last night for a fellow FDP Mayoral Candidate for Georgeington Park, West Franconian State and was shocked to hear what the Candidate for the FCP side of that race had to say...

(FCP Candidate Jeremy Grant): Georgeington Park is an all Franconian city and it needs to be that way. Franconian values are at stake and this will not be a thing if Kurk Zeplin is elected...

Vice Empress McClanahan: This is exactly why the FCP is not eligible to run for Parliament anymore. Their only problem is their racist values and remarks. Parliamentary rules say that all members have to stay true to the government and serve the people that register under their party. The FCP has not done that and will not participate with the ruling government, so therefore the Empress and I decided to unseat the FCP from Parliament. This party was also unseated and forced their way back in when they were called the Firestone Party. So the FCP is no stranger to causing issues. It might not be a permanent ban from Parliament, but they will not participate or be able to run.

-FENN News