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Region: the West Pacific

And secondly, the Christmas Card Collection Contest!

It was Christmas' Eve, and Santa Claus was on the way to deliver gifts to people around the world... until a extremely strong snowstorm happened on the North Pole and put a wrench on his plans! All the gifts were lost and buried in the snow, his reindeer flew away in different directions afraid of the storm, and his sleigh is nowhere to be seen either. That truly sounds like a hopeless situation... but there's one way to save him! The task I give you all is to help Santa find his gifts, reindeer and sleigh so that he can complete his task in time, and that's only possible if you collect cards themed on those.

That is our prompt for our seasonal card contest, starting today and ending December 24th, just in time for Santa to receive the help he needs. Collect as many cards as you can according to the prompt, and organize them in a collection! Furthermore, it goes without saying that your collection must follow NationStates rules.

Submissions: You must submit a link to your collection in the following forum thread (register to view and post) until 23:59 UTC of 24th December, with no collection edits allowed after that. After that, the Card Club will judge all entries and declare a winner.

Prizes: Just like in other Card Club contests, the initial prize is a random legendary card for the winner. However, more rewards may be added, and there could even be several winning entries, if enough people enter! Therefore, be sure to share this contest with your friends so they can also participate.

Have fun collecting!
This competition is brought to you by The West Pacific Cultural Trust and The West Pacific Card Club.