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Region: the West Pacific

Our Midwinter Shenanigans celebrations have started! The calendar will be unveiled very soon, and we've also chosen to already release the information pertaining the two events that start today:

Firstly, the Secret Santa! It's a yearly regional tradition that is also open to foreign visitors.

In order to participate:
1. Fill out this sign-up form first!
2. Sign-ups will close December 7th and names will be randomly drawn and sent out the next day.
3. Make your Secret Santa a gift! We'll inform you of their suggestions, but you can and should ask around for any help!
4. Deliver your gift to your partner via telegram between December 25th to 31st.
5. Be sure to thank your Secret Santa once you receive your gift! Please let us know if you haven't received your gift by December 31st.

1. Don't reveal your or someone else's gift or recipient early;
2. If you cannot complete or deliver your gift on time, please let us know before December 25th;
3. Your gift can be anything, provided it follows site rules;
4. Have fun!

We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Be sure to share this post and invite your friends to participate! Send a message to The West Pacific Master Dispatch for any queries.