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Region: Refugia

Melenavenia wrote:I didn't think I'd find something about Roblox on the Refugi RMB, but since I am unfortunately knowledgeable about this and you dumbed this down to simply "anti-Chinese", I'll add a few other reasons he's being sued.

Ban evasion
Re-posting a threat against an annual developers conference at Roblox HQ, in which the threat said a similar event to the YouTube HQ shooting would happen at the conference
Taunting Roblox over a similar shooting happening at their HQ
Talking about sex acts with minors, engaging in sexual harassment, using racial and homophobic slurs, attempting to upload nudes of himself, and attempting to upload pictures of Hitler on their website
Targeted harassment of Roblox employees

All this while having a successful YouTube channel that profits off this egregious behavior. He's being sued because he keeps abusing their platform despite the companies' attempts to block him from doing so, in company with his internet fame.

oh god thx for lettin' me know, im sorry