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Region: Lorania

Banobia wrote:Wait so are u guys like an irl friend group or just a friend group in the game?

We were just fellow regionmates - very few of us knew anyone else in the region IRL. Friendships were made, although these were of a different kind to that of regular friendships - it's too complicated to explain but on NS you kind of have a different type of friendship to that IRL. However, many great times were had here, although it was sadly tainted by arguing, disagreements and divisions into factions that happened towards the end of the region's life.

We generally mutually agree to avoid chatting on this RMB, as we don't want to fill up the RMB with posts that could otherwise be in an active region. Here is more intended as an archive - so that those who were once here could come back and revisit old memories, to preserve regional history so it is recorded and remembered, and to allow people to see and understand what went on in the region. You can look through the RMB here (by clicking 'forum view', which shows it to you in a forum page-style format where you can look back on more than the ten most recent posts), see what life was like here and understand why this region came to a collapse.

I'd advise not posting much here and instead TGing one of us or asking somewhere such as the Celtia RMB about any questions. I find it hard to explain why we should not post on here anymore, but I just want to treat the closed region with respect.

(I'm the same player as Sailiopia, just on a different nation).