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Region: Taijitu

New Delfos wrote:Tell us more about your crazy trip, sounds interesting.

So far, I've cycled from Cincinnati to New York in the US, then flown to Ireland and cycled from Dublin to Cork. I'm doing the Wild Atlantic Way up the west coast of Ireland. From Belfast, in the north, I'll cross via ferry to Scotland, then head south through Wales and England, crossing via another ferry to mainland Europe. My plan is to continue all the way across Europe - via a somewhat circuitous route - to Istanbul, where I'll decide whether to go home or continue via another flight to New Delhi across India and SE Asia. I've done about 1850 km so far, with many thousands more to go. If you want to follow it, I'm keeping a blog at

Quasi/Pseudo Anarchy. Brilliant. I remember the earlier glamor of Taijitu in my earlier days on NS, but there's no need since we're all pretty busy. I'm pretty chill either way. I had thrown the question out as a curiosity more than anything.