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Region: The Vincence Empire

Ferneus wrote:[] August 2, 1890. [] The Clank Of Hammers [] Coast of Liberia []
A fleet of 5 pre-dreadnought battleships, named the CSS Mobile, CSS Miami, CSS Shenandoah, CSS Lee, and CSS Virginia, have officially landed off of the coast of what western scholars refer to as 'Liberia.' A force of 20,000 Confederate troopers under the famed Louisianan general Pierre G.T. Beauregard have set up a small fort not far from the coast (modern day Monrovia), naming it Fort Benjamin after former Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin. Nearby native villages have been forcefully subjugated by the Confederates, with one-tenth of the healthy males in the village chained and sold to plantations in the mainland Confederacy. whenever males come of age in the subjugated villages, they are examined for healthy traits and are either sold back to the South or kept in their villages simply to breed more viable slaves. The small fort slowly grows into a small town, housing around 5,000 Southern citizens, including 500 plantation owners who set up their own plantations in Liberia. The new settlement is named New Jamestown, and the colony itself named the New Dominion. This new acquisition by the Confederate government has essentially reignited the Atlantic Slave Trade, although the South is currently the only major nation to partake in the revived slave trade.

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