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Region: The Vincence Empire

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:The capital city would hold out for another year before falling to the Austrians but there would be no time to celebrate when seeing them distracted Hungarian Calvary made a breakthrough on their front taking Bratislava in a Phyyric Victory. A capture of Vienna seemed inevitable until a reinforcement army of 150K arrived managing to bravely put a stop to the Hungarians, with Vienna safe the offensive against the Croats continued. Once it was joined by a Hungarian offensive in the Rebelís south resistance gradually fell apart before the last stronghold fell in April of 1877. Now the remaining two factions turned their attention against eachother. Battles along the frontline intensified with no gains until July 1878 when Slovak Soldiers tired of being sent into death fields by their Hungarian commanders mutinied allowing the Austrians to break through, panic spread along the Hungarian men causing the frontline to rapidly disintegrate. In 5 days Budapest was under siege but progress slowed, the siege became a slog and remaining Hungarian forces in Transylvania were able to reorganize. Eager to end the destructive war the two sides met in Vienna for peace talks, ultimately in the Treaty of Budapest the Austrians would remain the sole rulers of the empire meaning the official end of Austria-Hungary but the Hungarians would retain their rights given to them under Austria-Hungary. By the end 1879 the empire was reunited, the Emperor launched Project Metternich which not only intends to rebuild but industrialize the country within 20 years, as part of this Austria would stay out of foreign affairs but recently they have started to open up by proposing a trade deal with Germany.

The Greater Western Union for map: Empire reunited