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Region: The Vincence Empire

Ferneus wrote:It was more music theory, but I did get to experiment with piano and ukulele. I hated string instruments. Piano is more my speed.Again, I wasn't gonna say s**t as long as I got my money. It's his choice to be buddy-buddy with me. I can retcon joining if it makes things easier.One: we've industrialized and adapted slavery to fit industrialization much like how the Union and Britain did it with immigrants and poor rural workers. Two: It is slowly becoming less and less profitable, but the Southern planter class is ruthless and is pulling some incredibly tricky diplomatic favors to keep slavery on top. Plus, selling my slave-produced goods to the UK and France is making me and the planters some mad bank. On top of that, I already planned for slavery to go away only until I get bent over sideways by the Yanks in ww1. Until then, slavery will slowly become less and less profitable, slave revolts will become more likely, etc, but ww1 is the catalyst for the abolition. In short, as long as I'm making bank, I'm not getting rid of it. Period.

I am learning piano as well. I am better at mallet percussion, but Its still a cool coincidence. I also would dislike it if you retconned your joining, because I like the power dynamic in North America as it is, and retconning it means I would probably end up joining it or the coming french faction, and to balance the power, I would also need to retcon everything I did with spain and it'd just be confusing