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Region: The Vincence Empire

Cerata wrote:They rise.
One day, it started. The purge. The Swiss radicals believed that they had enough people that had been converted to their side to begin a major revolution, and to purge any opposition. They knew that speed was of the essence, because once the rebellion launched, the larger nations would be sure to send their armies and navies. A former captain in the Swiss army began the first revolt. He had around 120 men at his disposal, and around 50 machetes, 40 rifles, and 60 pistols. He distributed these according to their skill, with cult members being armed to the teeth, while the other workers had only one firearm each. At dawn, they raided a nearby control camp, which housed some of the top brass of the surrounding camps, and killed everyone inside. Around this time, the areas which had foreign troops stationed in them were given heavier weaponry and revolted. One such example was when a group of radicals, only 5, actually, were given command of around 500 rounds of 0.36 ammunition and a light maxim machine gun. They managed to hold off over 200 American soldiers before their gun overheated and they had to abandon their post. This was a highly coordinated attack, and although some groups went rouge, the overall result was a success. Most of the areas were considered cleansed, and, knowing that the enemy high command had most certainly been alerted of this unprecedented attack, they set up outposts around the Panama area, with sandbags and shrapnel webs, as a large naval bombardment of the area was expected. They retrieved all of the food and weapons, and soon many forts were set up, but they were mainly wood from the construction area. They would wait, and see what was to come. For MeatBÄll.
The atlantic and southern fleetEthics Committee of the SCPFHaruhi JapanThe Greater Western UnionNovilliwitThe Socialist Republic of AlaskaNew canada project and everyone else involved in Panama. This was not planned by the Swiss Government, so we will also engage in combat.

We don’t accept random civilians who come to work, they have to be sent by their governments

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