by Max Barry

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Region: The Vincence Empire

Let it burn.
Cult members of the MeatBÄll cult, seeing as they have no hope of any real movement or revolution in Switzerland, turn to the Panama area instead. All around were atheist peoples who were all ready to convert to their ultimate religion, or so they thought. They planned out that they would convince the local workers to join their cult, then they would revolt with the workers, killing everyone else in the vicinity, and create their own empire that worshipped MeatBÄll. They purchased tickets to Panama en masse, and disguised as peasants and workers from Switzerland, set sail to Panama across the Atlantic. In order for a revolution to happen, there had to be tools. So they stuffed weapons into every little crevice they could find. Rifles and pistols in suitcases, covered with clothes that could be skipped over in the cursory check at the seaport, and knives and daggers inside of thick jackets. Some heavy weaponry was acquired through the black arms dealers in Germany, including several disassembled light machine guns wrapped carefully in duffel bags, and explosives in metal cases. When they arrived at Panama, they set up camp, and pretended to work. However, what the supervisors did not know was the fact that every day after work, they would secretly go meet up with the other American and French workers and explain to them their cult and the huge benefits they would get if they were to join. The workers, fascinated by the rich promises of free food, drink, and freedom in the eternal land, grew radicalized day by day. Even those that worshipped other idols were tantalized by the member's tales. As more cult members arrived day by day from Switzerland, jammed to the brim with weapons, they realized, the new era was near.