by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Headlines: A former Emperial Navyman is calling out to the Empire to ask of there is any better way to protect Naval Ships from being attacked by Homeland Extremists. The Empress has said that she and about 25 other MP's are working on an Anti-Extremist bill, but no details have been released. The former Navyman said that if anything goes awry then he'll do something about it himself. Maybe a new candidate could be taking shape.

Mid-term elections are around the corner. More and more FDP representatives are running than ever for Parliament to fill those 14 missing spots. Only 8 people in the FCP have registered to run a campaign (or reelection in some cases) to run for the position, which sounds troubling for the future of the party. With Parliament being upset and angry that their fellow MP's are acting the way they are, this sounds like a breath of fresh air. 28 FDP representatives are running a campaign for election.

Heavy rain is expected for most of the Empire today as storms make it from West to East. The Weather Service has issued flood watches and warnings for the Southern parts of the Empire. The South has been hit by drought for 3 years and has seemed to only recover by just 9% with water run-off from melted snow in the mountains.

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