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Region: Selene

Breaking: A 54 year old has been arrested for killing the last known flamingo in the Franconia Empire. The FCP giving praise to the man, but environmentalists, and pretty much everybody else, are miffed.

(Amy Wilson - Citizen) Whoever did it should be ashamed of themselves. They don't care and only wanted to make the next exotic jerkey only to sell it at an extremely high margin because it will be the last meat of it's kind in the Empire. That is sick.

(Markus Aardvark- Member of the Empire's Most Loved Animals TV Show): Fran the Friendly Flamingo will be missed and WE DEMAND THAT EXOTIC ANIMALS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE FOOD IN THE EMPIRE! It's so sad to see what we do to exotic animals. Most of them are on the endangered species list.

The Empress has not made any remarks on this situation yet, but speculation is that she might be hospitalized due to her recently more stressful days in office. Her medical team have been informed that high blood pressure may result in serious anxiety attacks. They are watching her and have informed her on the situation.