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Region: Selene

Breaking: The Franconian Parliament is voting on a spending bill that could possibly send the FE into a new Era of spending that may increase our debt by at lease 1 Trillion Astrons. On this spending bill, massive increases may be set for infrastructure for maintenance of the vast railway network across the nation. Increases in spending for education will make sure that our schools are up to date and has the current curriculum that our children need for the future and also sets a fixed price to how expensive University books cost. Economists are saying that most of the funding will be in Environmental Protection. The Empress is said to speak about the planned oil rig later this week. She says she is openly denying funding for oil related services.

So what's not in this spending bill?

(MP Hilda McGinnis): Looking over this plan, I do not see any clear statement on whether or not we will continue to support Airline, telecommunications, Fixed mortgages, or any form of universal Pre-K or Elementary school.

(The Empress): Those topics will be further discussed with your committee and will be campaigned once agreed upon. I understand we need to continue to fund those items, but increases in military spending and education are essential to make business run as usual here in the Empire.

Parliament will continue to discuss what is being increased and what is being decreased. The spending bill is at about 2.1 trillion Astrons and is said to be the biggest budget the Empire has seen. More on this later.