by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Disarray in Parliament: Much of the nation is in awe at the moment as the FCP (Franconian Conservative Party) are using Ancient American tactics to, all of a sudden, stop legislation from passing.

(Xemptoworth on Parliament Floor): I'm upset at the FCP right now because I thought we as Parliament were better than that. I understand that there are disagreements because we both are on opposite sides of the aisle, but to use extremism against a Naval Ship, selling Government secrets to an enemy nation, and now [you're going to love this one] presenting legislation to build an oil rig on one of the most volatile... *tears up* parts of the ocean close to us even though we are a country who uses 62% green energy. This is not okay. In my executive power, I, Empress Xemptoworth, am not fearful that the FCP is starting to turn out how most opposition parties turned put in Ancient America and declare it an Exremist party...

(Back in the Newsroom): The Empress, who seems to be ready for a massive Parliamentary fight, is not turning down any ideas from the FCP and has said that she will "take any comments from the FCP about me, will continue to run the nation as normal, and won't stop trying to calm the FCP down."

When will the Domestic Extremism end?