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Region: Selene

Franconia Empire wrote:Breaking: Ten thousand new people are on the energy grid tonight as Empress Xemptoworth's infrastructure plan is set into motion. FEG&E was given a government donation and started working immediately. Over 24,000 jobs were created for installing wind turbines

Thalass News Now
Archon de Caro was upbeat about the state of the world's push for a sustainable future in her address to the Congress on the State of the Thalassocracy. The Franconia Empire was specifically singled out for its outstanding initiatives towards turbine based energy. In the spirit of a green future, Archon de Caro has unveiled her "Veridian Plan" as it is being called. In the plan the Thalassocracy is set to create 5,000 jobs in wave energy harnessing jobs as well another 5,000 to expand existing nuclear facilities. Over the next decade the Veridian Plan calls for the investment of half a trillion Dodons in renewable and clean energy.